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So where did it all begin?

Firstly I should probably introduce myself, my name is Sophie - nice to meet you! As I reached 30 (and celebrated in the most ridiculous way - we have the Lace & Beads Pink Tulle dress to thank for that!) I made the adulting choice to move from my lovely Balham flat rental which I shared with one of my best friends to set up home in Witney. This of course meant a wardrobe declutter.

Throughout the years my weight has fluctuated and my wardobe was a sad display of beautiful, never worn dresses still with tags on. Whenever there is an occasion (and at 30 its more often than not) I found myself buying a new dress for that occasion. But the process was never enjoyable, the constant scrollling online and never quite finding the right thing at the right price - then always a mad dash to Oxford Street after work just to be inundated with American Candy Shops and come home empty handed. All in all, it was always stressful, disappointing and above all - a waste of money.

So this is when I came up with the idea for OHW - a one stop shop where you can rent your look, hassle-free and at an affordable price.

I hope you find what you're looking for and if not, please do drop me a line and I will try and help.

Thank you!



Browse to find the items that make you smile.

If you spot a style you like but its not in your size, don’t worry - we have set up Request A Dress for that very reason.


Next, select your start date and rental period.

We recommend booking two days before your event for peace of mind - don't worry there are no massive price increases for extra days.

3 days- Best for last minute weekday rentals

4 days- Best for weekend rentals

5 days- Best for long weekend rentals and if you want to have time to exchange the dress if you’re not feeling 100%

8 days- Best for full week rentals

10 days -Best for holidays

And different to other sites, there will be no extra costs at checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.


The item will arrive on or before the first day of your rental period.

Have the best time and leave a review with an image for £10 off your next order - we love to see what the dresses get up to!

Please note that minor wear and tear is covered in the rental fee. If additional cleaning or repairs are required, you may be charged the cost. 


Pop the item back in the mailing bag with the pre-paid postage label on the last day of your rental period .

Drop off at your local post office or arrange a collection from your door via the Royal Mail website.

Remember, please do not try to clean the item under any circumstance - we’ll sort all of that for you. 

And it’s as easy as that!