What is One Hit Wonders?

One Hit Wonders is a fashion rental platform that allows you to rent an outfit for your next occasion without making a dent in your wallet. Renting the dress means you only pay for the time that you want to borrow it, then simply return back to us and help to reduce the impact of fast fashion.

Does One Hit Wonders have a physical shop?

Not yet but we’re hoping to one day, watch this space.

How long can I rent an outfit for?

When it comes to choosing your rental period, we recommend selecting a Start Date at least two days before your event to give you peace of mind.

 If you are able to send the item back the next day before 12pm after your event, then the minimum 3-day rental period is what you’re looking for. If you think you would prefer a little more of a buffer after the event or if you are going away for the weekend, then the 5-day rental period would work best. We also offer 8 & 10 day rental periods for any holidays or events abroad.

If you would like to rent an item for a longer period of time, then please do get in touch with information about the item you would like to hire, the duration and the start date and we’ll get back to you.

When should I order from?

We recommend that you select your start date two days ahead of your event to ensure that you have peace of mind that your outfit will be there in time, plus gives you the chance to check fit and any accessories. Please note we are not liable for any delays caused by Royal Mail.

The dress has arrived earlier than my delivery date, will I be charged more?

Absolutely not, please don’t worry. We aim where possible to send out items early to give you peace of mind, this doesn’t impact your rental period or return date agreed.

When should I return by?

All postage and packaging costs are included within the rental price, including the returns costs. We will send you (via email and/or message) a QR code for your return prior to you return date.

On the last day of your rental, please repack the dress into the mailing bag and add the pre-printed returns label. Then please take to your local Royal Mail Post Office before 12pm with the QR code sent to your email/phone.

Where possible and in locations where Royal Mail offer Collection, we will look to arrange a collection from your address. For this option, we will be in touch to arrange pick up time and address.

We provide a one day grace period following each rental to account for any potential postage delays. However, if we don’t receive the item back within 48 hours of the end of rental period, you will be charged a late fee of £10 per day. If after 10 days we have not heard from you and the dress has still not been returned, you will be charged the full retail price of the item as displayed on the website plus the late fees.

Can I pick up / drop off my outfit?

If you would like to arrange a pick up / drop off – we have two locations where we can do this. We advise for you to contact us (sophie@onehitwondersuk.co.uk) in advance if you would like to selection this option to confirm that its possible.

The two locations available are:

  • Witney, Oxfordshire
  • Chancery Lane Station, London

If you are in the surrounding area of Witney and would like to arrange an at home drop off / pick up – then please do also get in touch with us and we will endeavour to make this work.  

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my outfit?

We recommend getting in touch immediately when you want to cancel an order and at least 72 hours before. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund once the item has been sent out as it’s likely the dress will have already been sent out and unavailable to other customers. We aim to send out items where possible 72 hours before your rental, but please do get in touch as soon as you know as we will endeavour to help if the item has not yet been sent out.

If you are not happy with an item when it arrives, where possible we will look to facilitate getting another item to you in time for your event. 

If User does not want to exchange the item and returns the unworn Item on the same/next working day, the User will be provided with a Gift Card of value of their original order less £10 for Postage & Packaging. 

Do I need to clean / dry clean my outfit before returning it?

Please do not attempt to clean or dry clean an outfit before returning it. We will take care of all of that our side so please do not try to clean at item. Even if there has been damage to the dress, we ask that you return it to us with full details of what the stain is and we will get to work on it.

My outfit has arrived creased, can I iron?

We steam all outfits before they are sent out to you, but in the cases where the dress has creased in transit, we kindly ask that you do not attempt to iron the garment. We advise hanging in a steamy bathroom for the creases to drop out.

What if my outfit is damaged beyond repair?

From our experience, cases of this are extremely rare whereby you damage your outfit beyond repair. Firstly, please don’t worry, we want everyone to enjoy wearing the dresses and for your event to not be ruined by worries over something like this. If something does happen to the item, please do get in touch with us and let us know what happened. If the item is truly damaged beyond repair, you will be liable to pay the full retail value of the item as displayed on the website or the cost of the replacement item if found at a lower price.

What if I return my outfit later than my agreed 'return date'?

We provide a 24-hour grace period following each rental to accommodate for any postage delays. However, beyond that 24-hour period, a £10 late fee will be applied for each subsequent day. If the item is not returned within 11 days following the agreed return date, we will assume that the item has been lost/stolen and you will be charged 100% of the retail price as shown on the website plus the late fees.  


What if I want to cancel or change my order?

If you want to make any changes to your order, including delivery dates, delivery address or return date, please contact us straight away and the team is on hand to help. If you would like to cancel an order, we kindly ask if you could get in touch and let us know as early as possible so that the item is available to others who would like to rent it. Please note that all orders must be cancelled prior to the item being sent out to you (72 hours before) – we cannot accept any cancellations after this period and you will be charged for the full rental period.

In what condition are your items?

All items that can be rented from the Wardrobe are in brand new or nearly new condition. Our expert team pride themselves in the care of the items and we are thankful to our community who look after our items during their rentals. We understand that you want your rental outfit to be in top condition and that you get that brand new feeling when you wear it.


Can my items be included in the Wardrobe?

At One Hit Wonders, we are passionate about fuelling the recommence revolution and want to support people to do so however we can. We know that there are many hidden gems hiding in our wardrobes (and that’s where One Hit Wonders started) – so please do get in touch if you think there are items in your wardrobe that we may be interested in. Do drop us an email with details of the item, pictures and proof of purchase and we’ll get back to you.

If you have items in excellent condition that are just sitting in your wardrobe, and they are a good fit for the OHW Wardrobe then please do get in touch. OHW started because we could never get rid of dresses, so if you feel the same, don’t worry we’ve got you because you will get free rental on your item whenever that moment you’ve been waiting for happens.

There are two options available, firstly if you’re looking to sell an item that is in excellent condition and we think our renters would love it, we will offer you a price and a One Hit Wonders credit amount to buy the item from you.

If you have items that you are thinking about renting out but don’t want the hassle of scheduling or post office and dry-cleaning trips. We can manage all that for you. You will simply need to send the item to us, we will them assess the item and confirm if it passes our quality checks for rentals.

If the item does pass our quality checks, we will confirm the rental value of the item in line with our consistent price structure plus admin costs to include dry cleaning, P&P and 20% admin fee. Then upon return of the item to us following the rental period, you will receive a bank transfer of the pre-agreed amount within 2-3 working days (depending on your bank).

What is Request a Dress?

At One Hit Wonders, we want to make it easy for you to wear what you want, when you want! That’s why we’ve launched Request A Dress.

We try to cater for all sizes but due to the variety we have in our Wardrobe it’s not possible to have every piece in every size. So, if there is a particular piece you would like to hire but you would prefer a different size or you’ve spotted a particular item or designer and have in mind an event you would like to wear it for, drop us a note with the details and we’ll do our best to source the item.

Simply let us know what you’re looking for – please include, designer, size, name of the item and dates that you’re looking to rent it for within the contact form.

Please note, we are not able to fulfil every Request a Dress due to availability, stock or price – we’ll assess every request on a case-by-case basis and whether we think it will be popular with our renters.

Following the Request a Dress submission, we will come back to you within 48 hours to confirm if we can source or not. If we are able to source the item, we will update you on arrival dates and add the item to the Wardrobe. We kindly ask that you make your reservation with 24 hours of doing so. If we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we will understand that to mean you are no longer interested in the item and therefore may not add the item to the Wardrobe.

What if I want to buy an item from the Wardrobe?

If there is a particular piece that you are really interested in purchasing – please do get in touch with an offer and we will get back to you.

I still have questions….

Please email sophie@onehitwondersuk.co.uk or WhatsApp on +447912667448


Browse to find the items that make you smile.

If you spot a style you like but its not in your size, don’t worry - we have set up Request A Dress for that very reason.


Next, select your start date and rental period.

We recommend booking two days before your event for peace of mind - don't worry there are no massive price increases for extra days.

3 days- Best for last minute weekday rentals

4 days- Best for weekend rentals

5 days- Best for long weekend rentals and if you want to have time to exchange the dress if you’re not feeling 100%

8 days- Best for full week rentals

10 days -Best for holidays

And different to other sites, there will be no extra costs at checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.


The item will arrive on or before the first day of your rental period.

Have the best time and leave a review with an image for £10 off your next order - we love to see what the dresses get up to!

Please note that minor wear and tear is covered in the rental fee. If additional cleaning or repairs are required, you may be charged the cost. 


Pop the item back in the mailing bag with the pre-paid postage label on the last day of your rental period .

Drop off at your local post office or arrange a collection from your door via the Royal Mail website.

Remember, please do not try to clean the item under any circumstance - we’ll sort all of that for you. 

And it’s as easy as that!