Our rental terms are the terms and conditions on which We supply Items to You. Please read these Terms carefully before placing an order.


By placing an order on the Website, You are agreeing to the terms and conditions described herein. The User is liable for any additional charges payable under the Terms of this contract. 

Our acceptance of your order will take place when We email You confirming your order; it is at this point that a contract will exist between You and Us. We will assign a unique reference to every order placed and ask that You quote this whenever You need to contact Us about your order.

If We are unable to accept of fulfil your order, We will inform You of this as soon as practical and not charge you/refund You for your order. Reasons for not being able to fulfil or accept an order may include: product is no longer in stock, there are unexpected limits on Our resources which We could not reasonably predict, We have identified an error in the pricing or description of the product, or because We are unable to meet a delivery deadline You have requested.

We are only able to dispatch our Items to the UK and are unable to accept orders from outside of the UK.


Our Items may vary slightly from the images advertised on the Website. The images of the products on the Website are for illustration purposes only and whilst We have made every attempt to ensure the images are fully representative of the real Item, We cannot guarantee that a device's display of the colours accurately reflect the true colour of the Item. 

The sizing guides included on the Website reflect the sizing information We have received from the manufacturers of the Item and We take no responsibility for sizing's differing to what is disclosed on the Website.

You should always use the Item in a proper manner and treat it with respect, as You would an Item of your own or of a close friends. You should never attempt to clean or mend an Item in any way, nor should you make alterations to the Item. If You do attempt any of these and it results in irreversible damage to the Item, You are liable under the Terms contained in this agreement.

You can contact Us if you have any specific questions about Our Items.


We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Item is available for your selected Rental Period. For certain Items, We may not hold inventory of each advertised style and size and will only place an order with the supplier once You place an order with Us.


The cost of delivery is displayed on our 'Delivery & Returns' page of the Website. We use Royal Mail to deliver Our orders, however from time to time, We may use an alternate provider. Any delivery time or date given to You by Us is an estimate only; whilst We will do all we can to ensure your Item is delivered on your requested date, We cannot guarantee this. If the Item is delivered late, the User must accept delivery unless a non-delivery agreement is reached in advance between Us and You.

We are not responsible for delivery delays outside of Our control. If We become aware of an event that will delay your delivery past your requested delivery date, We will contact You as soon as possible to let You know and take any necessary steps to minimise the effect of the delay.

If delivery fails and You do not rearrange delivery or collect the item from the delivery office, We reserve the right to cancel your order and the contract. Before We do this, We will make every effort to contact You for further instructions. Any costs associated with a non-delivery event are Your responsibility and will not be reimbursed by Us.


The rental period shall commence from when the User (or a third party nominated by the User) receives their Item and shall continue until the Item is with Royal Mail.

Where an Item has not been dropped off to a Royal Mail post office or handed over to Royal Mail by the User on the last day of their Rental Period, We reserve the right to charge additional hire fees to the User's credit/debit card which was provided at the time of the original rental. Such additional charges shall be charged at a fixed fee of £10 per day overdue if the User has not notified US of any delays. We provide a 24-hour grace period following each rental to accommodate for any postage delays, following that 24-hour period and if We have not heard from the User, additional charges shall be charged at a fixed fee of £10 per day overdue. 

If the User has not returned the Item within 10 days after the last day of Rental Period, we will consider that the Item as lost and will charge the User’s credit/debit 100% of the recommended retail prices as listed on the OHW Website. The User will be charged 100% of the recommended retail price in addition to the charge for the Rental Period plus the 11 days of Late Fees at £10 per day.


One Hit Wonders retains the property of the Item throughout the Rental Period, however all the risk for the Item passes to the User on delivery. The User accepts full responsibility for the safeguarding of the Item. 

On receival of the Item following the Rental Period, We will assess the Item and for any damage or staining, if We assess that the cost of repairs or cleaning will exceed what is considered general wear and tear,  We reserve the right to charge the User for the additional cost of maintenance required.

If the Item gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, regardless of whether the User is personally responsible for such loss, theft or damage, then the User will be liable to pay for replacement of the Item. In assessing replacement value, We will take into account a number of factors, including but not limited to: the demand of that Item in the market, the availability to purchase that Item in the market, the condition of the Item and the Rental Price that the User has already paid. 

To prevent the potential use of fraudulent credit cards (or other payments types), We reserve the right to request proof of identify for any orders we deem high risk. Where fraudulent activity is suspected, We follow internal verification methods to ensure the validity of the order. If We are unable to verify this, We may cancel the order. In such circumstances, We will notify the User by email. 


If the User cancels their order 3 days or more in advance of the selected Delivery Date, You are entitled to receive a full refund of your order. Orders cancelled by the User with less than 3 days notice are still liable to pay the rental Price, and will receive a hire credit for the value of the Item less postage fees. 

Orders cancelled by the User after We have dispatched the Item are not eligible for a refund and the User will be charged the full rental period.

To cancel an order, the User must give written notice by emailing: 

In certain circumstances, OHW may need to cancel an order before it is dispatched to the User. Such instances may include: if the Item ordered has not been returned/been returned late or damaged by a previous User or if the User in question has given Us cause to be concerned about their suitability to receive future rentals (i.e. frequent late returns, damaged or non-returned items). In such circumstances, We will contact the User via email to notify them of the cancellation and offer a full refund and the option to receive an alternate Item free of charge.


If You receive your Item and decide it is unsuitable for whatever reason, You are required to contact us immediately, and within 24-hours of receiving the Item. If timing permits, We will attempt to exchange the Item for another Item listed on the website and the User will be required to pay the difference if the new Item is charged at a higher rate. .

If User does not want to exchange the item and returns the Item on the same/next working day, the User will be provided with a Gift Card of value of their original order less £10 for postage & Packaging. 

On delivery, you are required to inspect your Item and within six (6) hours of receipt of the Item, notify OHW (via email) of any alleged defect, shortage in quantity, damage or failure to comply with what was ordered. 


The Price of the Item rental will be the price indicated on the order pages of the Website. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the Price of the Item advertised is correct, however, it is always possible that some of the Items may be incorrectly priced. We will check the Price before accepting your order so that where the Items correct price at your order date is lower than Our stated price, We will charge You the lesser amount. If the Items correct Price at your order date is higher than the Price advertised to You, We will contact You before We accept your order.

In the event of an invoice being issued for any reason, then payment shall be due within seven (7) days of the date of the invoice. 


The Item is and at all times, will, remain the absolute property of One Hit Wonders. The User accepts full responsibility for the safeguarding of the Item once it is received by the User.

Any questions please contact


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